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Euro Exhibition attended by over 10,000 visitors in three weeks

In less than three weeks after the Euro Exhibition opened, the number of its visitors exceeded 10,000. Groups of schoolchildren, businesses, pensioners, students and families from all over Lithuania actively register for guided tours. Visitors also take an active part in the educational events of the Euro Exhibition: lectures, discussions, watching of films, Family Days. 

‘The number of visitors, which is beyond expectations, shows the increasing interest in the future currency. People are attracted by the possibility to actually see, hear and ask, while the Euro Exhibition, which is interactive and free, and has a practical and accommodating team of guides, creates perfect possibilities for that’, says Giedrius Simonavičius, Director of the Communications Department of the Bank of Lithuania.   

According to him, all spots for tours of the Euro Exhibition were filled in the first two weeks after the Exhibition opened. As additional spots for the Exhibition’s events have been projected, these are being filled up quickly as well. 

Vytautas Brazaitis, a Euro Exhibition guide, tells that visitors are not only interested in the practical aspects of the euro adoption or their design, but the benefits of the new currency for Lithuania as well. Vytautas shares his impressions: ‘Overall, people feel positive and are especially curious.’    

Guides were surprised by one six-year old boy, who, after visiting the Exhibition, was able to tell his parents what most euro coins depicted on their national sides. Moreover, some people at the Exhibition want to find out particularly practical things — one female visitor measured with a ruler the euro banknotes displayed on a stand, to decide whether she needed a new purse.  

The Euro Exhibition is organised by the European Central Bank, the Bank of Lithuania and National Museum of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. Since 2008 it has travelled over 15 different cities in 12 European countries. It was already attended by a total of 300,000 visitors.  

The Euro Exhibition will be open in Lithuania until 5 January 2015. All tours and events are free. Those who were late in registering for guided tours will be able to visit the Exhibition on their own, without advance registration.

For more information on the Euro Exhibition and its events, go to the official website www.europaroda.lt

Photos by Dainius Labutis, Martynas Ambrazas

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