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Museum Exhibition Centre


The modern national and international Exhibition Centre in the museum is one of the few exhibition spaces in Lithuania that meets all security, micro-climate and other requirements that apply for the highest level exhibitions. Important national and international exhibitions are regularly shown in these spaces.

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History, Archaeology, Architecture

This exposition presents three of the most important chronological stages in the development of this site and residence: the castle period (the territory's development until the turn of the 15th–16th centuries), the palace period (the 16th–17th centuries)...

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Open expositions

Muziejuje galite aplankyti ne tik vidaus ekspozicijas ir 4 maršrutus, bet ir apžiūrėti atviras ekspozicijas – Mažąjį bei Didįjį kiemus, Renesansinį sodą, bareljefus, skirtus Bonai Sforcai ir Titui Livijui Buratiniui, paminklą, sukurtą 1323 m. Gedimino laiškams atminti. Jie dar išsamiau supažindina su Valdovų rūmų istorija, čia gyvenusiomis ir kūrusiomis asmenybėmis.

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Weaponry, Everyday Life, Music

This route consists of three exposition spaces and the Events Hall. This is where visitors can see the Lithuanian grand dukes' castle and palace fortifications and weapons collection. Another exposition reveal...

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