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Concert “A quattro canti: early Baroque music for four sopranos”

Šeštasis tarptautinis Marco Scacchi senosios muzikos festivalis Vilniuje

11 July 2020, 16.00–17.00

Vilnius Cathedral,
Šventaragio st., Vilnius, LT-01143


Monta Martinsone (soprano)
Emilė Ribokaitė (soprano)
Katharina Haun (cornetto)
Emilie Mory (Baroque violin)
Vilimas Norkūnas (organ)

Each musical instrument imitates a voice, everything arises from singing, while the voice is the most perfect instrument. This kind of musical aesthetic prevailed until the 17th century. In this concert program, the CordAria early music ensemble seeks to demonstrate how the instrumental style developed from vocal music. At the time, it was quite common that the cornetto and violin could replace choral voices, such as in Alessandro Grandi's composition Ave Regina. The work by composer Giovanni Felice Sanceso Ave Maris Stella (Hail, Star of the Sea) firstly reveals motifs played by instruments, and then the motifs are heard in voice. The composition by Heinrich Schütz Verleih uns Frieden (Grant us Peace) uses “orchestral introductions”, but as the piece develops, instrumental and vocal voices increasingly merge into an integral, homogeneous four-part form.

Early Baroque music is replete with effects, sound-based colours, elaborations and vocal imitations. This program invites audiences to discover the similarities and differences between four soprano voices and become familiar with the features of the “new musical language”.

Free admission