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Concert “Audi, Domine, hymnum meum”

Šeštasis tarptautinis Marco Scacchi senosios muzikos festivalis Vilniuje

4 July 2020, 19.00–20.15

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Motets by Giovanni Battista Mosto (1550–1596) dedicated to the Prince of Transylvania Sigismund Báthory in 1590

Nora Petročenko (mezzo-soprano)
Mindaugas Bargaila (tenor)
Povilas Vanžodis (tenor)
Gintauras Venislovas (baritone)
Nerijus Masevičius (bass)

Morgaine (Germany, Lithuania)
Mirjam-Luise Muenzel (recorders)
Darius Stabinskas (cello)
Alina Rotaru (harpsichord)
Fernando Olivas (theorbo)

Balys Vaitkus (organ)

The International Marco Scacchi Early Music Festival in Vilnius presents a performance by the Morgaine international ensemble, and soloists from Lithuania. The performers will open up forgotten pages of our music history and present motets by the Italian composer Giovanni Battista Mosto (1550–1596), which he released in 1590 in Venice and dedicated to the Prince of Transylvania Sigismund Báthory. The latter was the nephew of the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Stephen Báthory, who broke vassal relations with Turkey in 1588 and defeated the Turkish army in 1595 at Wallachia, thereby protecting our historic state. The program shall also feature the music of Giovanni Battista Mosto's teacher, Vincenzo Galilei, whose 500th birthday is being celebrated this year, as well as works by Girolamo Diruta, Claudio Merulo, Andrea Gabrieli, Giovanni Gabrieli, Luzzasco Luzzaschi, Adriano Banchieri and other Italian authors from the Il Translivano collection, also dedicated to the same prince, Sigismund Báthory.

Free entrance. Please register in advance here.